A Nonprofit's Guide to Estimating a Backlog

About the Webinar

Large new initiatives, new special ev​​​​​​​ents, huge federal applications… These are the types of things that nonprofits are always faced with. Yet how are the team members in the nonprofit organizations or the leaders in the organization supposed to have the most accurate estimate of when the initiative will launch, or if the special event details will be done on time, or if the application will be submitted before the deadline? What often happens is heroic efforts by team members to make the deadline or be ready for the event and that is not a sustainable approach for the team or the nonprofit.

That is why in this recorded webinar we will explain the Agile estimation techniques affinity estimation and planning poker. We will cover the importance of story point estimation and why it is used in place of hour estimation. We will help you think about how to take your next big nonprofit initiative or project and have a more accurate estimate of when you will be ready to launch/submit/create impact.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Diane Leonard, GPC, STSI

    Product Owner, Trainer

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