5 Unconventional Piriformis Stretches For Sciatica, Hip and Lower Back Pain Relief

What Will You Learn?

In this Educational Workshop, we will be going through the TOP 5, Unconventional stretches that we personally use ALL THE TIME to help people with the following conditions...

If you suffer with any of the following conditions, we encourage you to stick around and tune in to our upcoming Educational workshop!

  • Sciatica. 

    Even if you've dealt with Sciatica for months, or even if it just started within the past week, we will show you some stretches that will be helpful right away. 

  • Hip Pain

    It's not uncommon for a tight Piriformis to yield significant hip pain. In fact, a tight piriformis and the surrounding musculature can limit your range of motion, increase inflammation, and cause pain. We will show you how to resolve your hip pain with these top 5, unconventional stretches. 

  • Low Back Pain

    Low back pain is incredibly common, and believe it or not, a tight Piriformis and musculature around the back and hip can compress your nerves, increase your pain, and will 'hold strong' until you resolve it. We strongly suggest you try these stretches out in order to provide low back pain relief. 

  • Dr. Chad Kuntz, Sports Physical Therapist

    Dr. Kuntz has helped 100's, if not 1000's of people with sciatica, low back pain, and hip pain. He will show you first hand how he likes to address these conditions with these top 5 Unconventional stretches.

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