Release Your INNER NINJA

About The Webinar

Trusted advisors with years of experience under their belt grow increasingly better in some ways. But in other ways, they don't improve. In fact, they commonly get worse.

Why is that?  What is it that happens around about the 10-year mark that makes breaking through virtually impossible? It should not be so difficult, but it is.

In this free presentation, Joel Lund, a certified coach and consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the industry will pull the curtain back on the secrets behind problem and reveal the 5 steps to  ensure your long-term success.

  • Your marketing strategy  will never work the way you want it to until you understand what's limiting its success. The problem is not your strategy. And it's not your niche. The problem is your offer.

  • Your skill set is actually getting in your way. It brought you to the plateau you're stuck on and is inadequate to get you off.

  • Your expertise does not differentiate you and it's not what will win over new clients. The harder you lean into that the more likely it will hurt your marketing efforts. Winning new clients that are perfect for your practice requires a different approach.

  • Joel Lund

    Webinar Host

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