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Tackling The Elusive Healthy Mind & Body
Find Out How To Easily Drop Pounds And Create New Healthy Habits
... While Overcoming The Blocks To Your Overall Wellness

- A Comprehensive Mental, Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Approach To Weight Loss -

What You Will Learn In The Webinar:

Learn about your mind and it's tendency toward negative, limiting thoughts and behaviors.

Understand how these patterns and habits have kept you from being your best self and from your ideal weight. 

See how you can quickly and effectively take back control of your mind and body by programming your subconscious for more positive, unlimiting thoughts and behaviors.

Get a better understanding of the powerful tool hypnosis, and see how it can help you achieve your goals easier than you've ever experienced or imagined.

It's Time...

  • To End The Thought Patterns & Beliefs That Have Kept You From Your Ideal Weight

  • To Stop The Eating Habits & Behavioral Patterns That Have Caused You To Be Overweight

  • To Program Your Subconscious With New Healthy Eating Habits, Thought Patterns, Beliefs & Behavioral Patterns

  • To Establish Mental Skills To Live A Stress-Free, Happier Life

  • To Have A Healthier Mind & Body!

Webinar Hosts

  • Dawn Grant

    Webinar Host

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