Living in Tune
with Matthew Arau and Elisa Janson Jones

Sunday, March 22, 2020
11 ET | 10 CT | 9 MT | 8 PT

About Living in Tune

Come enjoy coffee, meditation, and a check-in mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with Matthew and Elisa. 
We know what it means to tune our musical instruments and to even tune the radio or fine tune an essay or tune-up an automobile, but one of the last things we seem to think of that truly needs tuning is – ourselves!

​​​​​​​This webinar will provide strategies to help us as teachers, students, and musicians tune our most important instrument, our mind and body. When we are in alignment mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, we are able to be the best version of ourselves. When anxiety and fear become our dominant thought patterns, our flow of creativity, solution finding, teamwork, and achievement are stifled because our amygdala takes over. 

  • Importance of shifting our habits of thought to focus on positivity and gratitude.

  • The POWER of positivity, we decide how we respond. 40% is our choice. 50% is brain wiring. 10% is circumstances.

  • Growth Mindset, ​​​​​​​the belief that our intelligence, talent, and abilities can be grown or developed with persistence, effort, and a focus on learning.

  • Elisa Janson

    Webinar Host

  • Matthew Arau

    Webinar Host

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