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How To Optimize When You Only Have 15 Mins

In this masterclass, we will understand how to leverage 10 main targeting levers to increase performance based on your primary Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

This is for you if:
✅ You are constantly pulled into meetings, or calls, and for those back in office, where people are just walking up to you.

✅ You don't have time to show your campaigns some love and have important deliverables for other clients

✅ You want to continue being a servant leader to your team and providing support, since you are the expert on the team, but is hella stressed about everything.

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You can have access to the replay and still reach out with your questions after. 

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  • Helene Parker

    Webinar Host

  • How We Will make intelligent and data driven decisions in 15 mins or less

    Isn’t it funny how time works? You may need to block calendars from time to time but in this masterclass, I will show you how to stay focus and efficient on the top 2-3 levers you need to look at

    I.e.: We will talk about which report you should automate so that you can have it available anytime you need them.  You might  need a daily report pulling last 15 days with impressions, CPM, Clicks, CPCs, and Cost to optimize for a delivery-based campaign, aka an awareness campaign. 

  • When and What To Look At Changing

    It all starts with a deep breath, then let’s look at 5 popular campaign objective and KPIs. 
    We are going to look at what changes to start with when your campaign goal is delivery-based, click-based, action-based, viewability, and Completion Rate. 

    I.e.:  Looking at audience and site inventory is super important for conversion-based campaigns and are two levers you could start with. 

  • How To Set Your Day for Success? 

    Things are moving 1,000 mph and in every directions. You will have access to bonus checklists that will help you stay accountable and organized when you have those busy days. ​​​​​​​

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