Businesses are in a push to innovate and stay relevant to their customers. While some companies are thriving, others are barely surviving; what will retailing look like in a post COVID-19 world and how will industries pivot
today to outlast the pandemic?

In this free interactive webinar, a senior panel of industry experts will provide insight into how quickly the
E- commerce sector is evolving and how it could play a key part in economic recovery across Africa.

Webinar talking points:

  • Current E-commerce trends and predictions for a post Covid-19 economy. Will online sales thrive since barriers to entry have been mitigated, and which sectors stand to gain the most when looking to the future?
  • How are retailers innovating? Are they meeting demand, and is the
    silver lining, pushing the envelope in last mile delivery?
  • Supply-chain is likely to be permanently altered. What is the outlook
    on warehousing, logistics and cross-border trade to meet shopping
  • How is Omni-channel adapting and how can brick and mortar businesses move online to claw back sales?

  • Ecommerce Africa

    Webinar Host

  • Warrick Kernes

    CEO - Insaka Ecommerce Academy

  • Shannon McLaughlin

    Founder and designer - Ubuntu Baba

  • Jonathan Smit

    MD - PayFast

  • Donald Valoyi

    CEO & Founder - Zulzi

  • André Bresler

    MD, Southern Africa - FedEx

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