Free Webinar

Why All Insurance Agencies in New Hampshire & Vermont are urgently
​​​​​​​moving to the cloud.

Wednesday November 2nd, 2:00 PM EST

During this webinar we’re going to show you critical security protections YOU need to have in place NOW to serve your customers and to protect yourself from cyber-attacks, data breach, lawsuits, bank fraud and compliance penalties hosted by our CEO Walter Contreras.​​​​​​​

During This Webinar You’ll Discover:

  • How NH & VT Independent Insurance Agencies can uninterruptedly continue to service customers even during a disaster.

  • What to do when there is a loss of power, or internet affects your remote employees

  • The growing need for a Remote Workforce

  • Are you worried that your data can be compromised while being accessed by remote workers? Let's solve that.

  • What to do when you're concerned that your employees are not productive

  • How to avoid security risks, and data loss prevention (disgruntled employees)


Businesses we have helped to stay protected and secure

  • Robert Stone, Managing Director, Stone Insurance, Inc.

    "Motiva has been great to work with from the beginning. The tech support team does a fantastic job of communicating within the team so that they know what is going on with their customers.They are very knowledgeable and patient, they take the time to understand the issue so they can fix it quickly. They explain what they are doing and why, to your system, which I really like. They follow up to make sure the issues were handled to our satisfaction; I have never had a tech company do that. They are really the nicest people; I cannot say enough of what a pleasure it has been to work with them."

  • Carol DePinto, Kron Associates, Inc

    “The reliability and knowledge of the Insurance Industry that Motiva brings to the table is invaluable to me. They are always consistent, they know who we are, and understand the DFS Law better than we do. I highly recommend them to any Insurance Broker not matter what size."

  • Joseph Grasso, Hartt Insurance Agency Inc

    “Motiva came to us highly recommended by the Big I and by several other local agents. Motiva’s staff are knowledgeable and efficient. They are very familiar with insurance agency operations, the NYS DFS security requirements, Microsoft products, and the Applied TAM system. Motiva is always available and always a pleasure to deal with"

  • Tricia Baratta, Comp Matters Inc

    "Working with Motiva makes me feel safe. I know all of my customers' information is protected from cyberthreats. The entire team has been amazing at handling our calls and issues. Their customer service is second to none. Motiva’s team is so patient, there’s always someone who answers the call live. I know Motiva has my back, I highly recommend them."

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