Free Event

Hosted by Permaculture Education Institute

Session 2: International Permaculture Day, May 1 2022
7-7:45pm AEST / 10-10:45am BST

Join leading permaculture advocates exploring permaculture futures  - in design, education, innovation, media - as a way of addressing the climate crisis with positive practical action.  Come and be part of the Q&A and global chat.

  • Morag Gamble - Host

    Global permaculture ambassador, teacher of permaculture teachers. humanitarian, podcaster, writer, YouTuber, Permayouth mentor.

  • David Holmgren

    Co-originator of Permaculture. Author of Retrosuburbia. Educator. Designer. Futurist. 

  • Maddy Harland

    Co-founder of Permaculture Magazine & Permanent Publications - over 100 permaculture books and magazine issues.

  • Brian von Herzen

    Marine Permaculture designer - featured on the 2040 Movie. Planetary sceintist. Founder of Climate Foundation.

  • Permayouth East Africa

    Youth leading permaculture education and action in their  communities in East African refugee settlements.

  • Morag Gamble

    Permaculture Education Institute

  • David Holmgren

    Co-originator of Permaculture

  • Maddy Harland

    Permaculture Magazine

  • Brian von Herzen

    Climate Foundation

  • Permayouth

    East Africa

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