ROQ.US Presents:
​​​​​​​Uncovering The Hidden Cost
​​​​​​​of Screen Printing

The Reece Team is ecstatic to host the first ever Reece University Online! 
We have teamed up with ROQ.US to provide this webinar to our valued customers! Your Success is Our Business, and Your Potential is Our Passion. 

​​​​​​​As business owners we understand profit and loss.  We document expenses, we track revenue, and we are constantly looking for ways to become more profitable.  However, many times we fail to stop and ask ourselves, “Am I missing something?”  Are we failing to account for inefficiencies happening right now on our shop floor that are driving up overhead while eating into our overall profit?  In this webinar ROQ US Channel Manager Brian Richards will address how to uncover the hidden costs of screen printing and how ROQ automated equipment can help.

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