Join Ahtayaa Leigh for a Profound Golden Ray Guided Healing Activation

A Journey Through the Ages of Light

In this exclusive event, we will traverse through the epochs, gleaning the light and wisdom encapsulated within each age.

​​​​​​​This is more than a meditation; it is an expedition across time, designed to enrich our spirits with the accumulated enlightenment of eras and prepare us for the dawn of the 5th Age of Peace.

  • Gather Cosmic Wisdom

    Embark on a spiritual adventure that will allow you to collect the essence of the four ages, arming you with knowledge and light as we usher in the age of peace.

  • Soulful Connection

    Engage in a soulful rendezvous with yourself, intertwining with the tapestry of your past lifetimes to summon an unbreakable bond with your inner being.

  • Elevate Your Vibration

    Ready yourself to step into the New Earth of Light, raising your vibration to resonate with the forthcoming harmonious 5th Age of Peace.

  • Ahtayaa Leigh

    Healing Guide

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