Free Masterclass with Jules Francis
5 Steps to
Transforming Your Relationship
Food, Eating, & Your Body

(Without Restricting What You Eat)​​​​​​​

In This Free Training You Will Discover​​​​​​​

  • How to see food and eating with fresh eyes, even if you've struggled with it your whole life

  • Why emotional eating is actually a good thing, despite having tried your hardest not to emotionaly eat

  • The reason why things haven't worked so far even though you have tried so many different paths

  • Why willpower isn't the answer even if it has worked for you in other areas of your life

  • Jules Francis

    Jules is the go-to-expert for career-driven women who are looking to transform their relationship with food. She has helped hundreds of people to understand the underlying causes of why they have unhealthy eating behaviours. With three decades of experience, Jules has the insight and experience to see what truly underpins low confidence and how people often choose compensating behaviours to deal with it. Jules is an international speaker, multi-award winning coach and co-author of a best-selling book on Confidence

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