This webinar is part of Sotterley’s Common Ground Initiative: 
Transcending Barriers Toward Healing

African American Gravesites

About the Webinar

Dr. Tarik will discuss African American gravesite history, their discovery, their care, and the people they honor.

Latif A. Tarik, graduated from Howard University and holds a Ph.D. in African Diaspora History. He is Assistant Professor of History and History Program Coordinator at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. He is the book review editor for the Southern Conference on African American Studies, INC journal, The Griot. His academic research interests are radical protest movement, African Diaspora communities, history and popular culture, public history, and African American scholarship. He created the Kushito Advisory Group to provide services in public policy research, cultural diversity training, and teacher-in-service training in social studies education. Dr. Latif has practiced martial arts sciences for over 20 years.

This event is made possible by the support of Maryland Humanities.

  • Dr. Latif A. Tarik

    Webinar Host

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