"Sustainability and Clean Beauty:
How to get Scientific Proofs for Guaranteeing Authenticity of Plant and Algae Resources"

About the Webinar

The authentication of plants and algae is of major importance to ensure their sourcing and thus the quality, traceability and transparency of the cosmetic products. Authenticity of natural raw materials has become increasingly important for customers, authorities and the cosmetics and fragrances industries. It is also linked with the requirements of Nagoya protocol. DNA barcoding and metabarcoding are powerful technologies to retrieve plant species contained in a product using the fact that every plant species has a unique genetic signature. Using this innovative method is revolutionary for botanical authenticity control because of its accuracy and its reliability. 

This webinar will be broadcast live from France. Each of the 3 Presenters will present on their area of expertise.

Thank you to Dr. Claudie Willemin, Scientific Editor 2016-2020 of the IFSCC Magazine and Former IFSCC President, for organizing this webinar. She is especially proud to highlight the accomplishments of the 2018 IFSCC Henry Maso Award Winner, Dr. Nelly Dubrulle.

​​​​​​​Wednesday, 5 May:  8h West Coast USA = 10h Mexico City = 11h East Coast USA = 16h London = 17h Europe / South Africa = 18h Tel Aviv / Moscow = 20h30 New Delhi

About Dr. Nelly Dubrulle, Presenter

Winner of the 2018 IFSCC Henry Maso Award for her article "DNA metabarcoding as a tool to trace plants of interest in gredients or cosmetics", Dr. Dubrulle is project manager at DNA Gensee, a company which authenticates raw materials for more than 100 cosmetic companies. Her educational background is in biological engineering and molecular imaging. Throughout her experiences in academia and the corporate world she became an expert in bioinformatics and plant biology. 

Dubrulle will present on "Presentation of the vulgarized technology, Botanical - Chemical - Genetic Comparison & Autentication Benefits".

About Dr. Jian-Sheng Sun, Presenter

​​​​​​Distinguished professor at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN, Paris), Sun has had a dual career in public sector. At CNRS/Muséum for 25 years, he is Director of the "Adaptations of living organisms" department. As the scientific director of the "Bioinsire-Muséum" mission, he oversees the MNHN's biospired activites with partner organizations. Also, he is Chairman of the French National Research Agency's "Biomedial Innovation" scientific evaluation committee. Finally, for the past 10 years Dr. Sun has been CEO & Chairman of DNA Therapeutics SA.

Dr. Sun will present "The world of plants, including algae and marine plants".

About Dr. Pierre-Yves Morvan, Presenter

Dr. Morvan is R&D Director at CODIF. He graduated with a Master in Biochemistry and a PhD in Biology. He joined CODIF in 1997 to develop the current in vitro testing department for safety and efficacy evaluation of active ingredients. He publishes serveral articles in scientific journals and international cosmetic magazines. He has lectured at numerous international conferences in Europe and Asia. He was awarded the best oral presentation at Stratum Corneum (2008) and received the Prize Pierre Velon (2003) from the Société Française Cosmétologie.

"Interest of the cosmetics industry for these innovative authentication methods, example of application" will be Dr. Morvan's presentation.

  • Dr. Nelly Dubrulle, DNA Gensee

    Webinar Presenter

  • Dr. Jian-Sheng Sun, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris

    Webinar Presenter

  • Dr. Pierre-Yves Morvan, CODIF Technologie Naturelle

    Webinar Presenter

  • Perry Romanowski, IFSCC Chair of Education

    Webinar Host and Modeerator

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