Free Webinar

​​​​​​​Thursday, August 11th, 2022
​​​​​​​1:00 pm Central

Consumer Medical Device

Design Requirements

Market Overview, Internal

Connector Considerations

​​​​​​​Webinar Will Cover:​​​​​​​

  • Medical devices for consumers is a fast growing technology segment, with general consumer devices adding more sophisticated monitoring capabilities, and professional class instruments adding consumer focused equipment for extending the reach of healthcare outside of hospital or doctor office settings. This webinar will review the market, and focus on engineering requirements and solutions for finding optimal connectors for designing these evolving devices, including small form factor wearables, and tabletop equipment

  • Design Examples Include:

    • Wristband/smartchwatch form factor wearables

    • Tabletop glucose/ultrasound monitoring equipment

    • New and emerging wearable category introduction

  • Connector Types Discussed:

    • Micro, Small board to board, board to FPC solutions

    • Micro, Small Zero Insertion Force solutions

    • Key connector features, design criteria to look for in  
      making your medical product design a success

  • Who Should Attend:

    • Design, Component, System Engineers and Product
      Planning professionals exploring new small form
      factor HW product designs

    • Supply, Commodity Managers interested in latest  
      connector solution roadmaps and design

    • Anyone interested in understanding the latest trends
      and specific consumer medical product design
    ​​​​​​​  requirements

  • Mark Waring

    Webinar Host

  • Bill Kysiak

    Webinar Host

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