Climate philanthropy now: where should philanthropy put its funding?

About The Webinar

There is no doubt that more climate philanthropy is urgently needed. Philanthropy has a critical role to play in ending the use of fossil fuels, protecting nature and investing in new climate solutions and technologies.

​​​​​​​But where and to whom should philanthropy direct its resources to help stop our planet over-heating? Marking the publication of Alliance’s new issue in the run up to COP26, this panel will discuss the climate solutions which matter and how funders can find them. 

  • What are the climate solutions in need of funders?

  • How can all funders re-think their work in light of the climate crisis?

  • What percentage of climate funding should be focused on the global south?

  • Can the acceleration towards climate solutions create unintended problems?

  • Jennifer Kitt

    Founding President of the Climate Leadership Initiative

  • Nigel Topping

    High Level Climate Action Champion for COP26

  • Winnie Asiti

    Member of Next Generation Climate Board of the Global Greengrants Fund, Kenya

  • Hannah Young

    Deputy Consul General, British Consulate General in New York

  • Charles Keidan

    Executive Editor, Moderator, Alliance Magazine

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