​​​​​​​Easy Weddings Bootcamp:
The Social Media Edition

Join our new Head of Social, Emma, in a Live Webinar all about social media tactics to help your wedding business convert more leads.

We recently asked our Easy Weddings followers (44.2k Instagram and 197k Facebook) where they first go to research suppliers after finding them on Easy Weddings - the most common answers? Instagram, Facebook and Google.

What does this mean for you? It means your social media strategy needs to knock your competition out of the park!

Emma has built and grown social media accounts for various small, mid-size and large businesses across Australia.

In this Easy Weddings Bootcamp, she'll present you with easy-to-implement tools, tips and tricks to grow your social media presence organically.

​​​​​​​You'll learn how to stop putting countless hours into socials without a plan, and start converting leads across all your marketing channels!

  • Emma Woythaler

    Webinar Host

  • Alex Cork

    Webinar Host

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