June 25th at 10am cst: A Must Attend Webinar For Business Owners

Seller Insights: Why Most Deals Blow Up and What To Do About It

About The Webinar

Seller Insights is a masterclass webinar in preparing a business for sale. Most business owners only sell one business in their lifetime and it's often the biggest transaction of their life. Which means they end up learning the do's and don'ts of selling a business the hard and expensive way. Seller Insights condenses years of deal transaction knowledge and experience, and presents it in a way that perfectly prepares the owner to be ready to hire their broker with confidence. 

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  • Understand How Buyers Think:
    Sellers want to maximize their profit and buyers want to pay the least for their investment. These two opposing points of views cause major conflict throughout negotiations. Seller Insights guides Seller's through exploring their business as buyers will. As a result, Seller's can proactively learn the tips and strategies to present business information to buyers, talk through complicated issues, and address skeletons in the closet.​​​​​​​

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    What you don't know can hurt you and cost you money at the closing table. Instead of risking the sale of your business to learn, use Seller Insights for a practice flight. Learn strategies and tips for preparing to thrive during due diligence, explore the decisions you'll be faced with before they surprise you, and be fully prepared to successfully navigate the process of selling your business. 

  • Negotiate With Confidence

    Selling a business is a series of small decisions that can impact your net proceeds. If you don't know what those small decisions are or how they connect together to impact net proceeds you simply can't negotiate to maximize your sale proceeds. Seller Insights ensures you explore the many decisions that take place throughout the sales process. You'll be given strategies and tools to master the negotiations in this webinar. 

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  • Tom Jordan MSFS, CEPA, CVBA

    Webinar Host: I am an Exit Readiness Integrator and the Creator of The Exit Readiness Trilogy✍️ I solve the #1 problem that business owners face: How to slow down, work less, continue to build transferable value and thoughtfully develop the ideal exit strategy in their timeframe and with full control. With over 25 years of frontline experience working with business owners I bring a unique perspective to the owners exit planning journey.

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