Circuit Breaker Series:
Acquiring Leads while Working From Home

The Circuit Breaker period is the most opportune to plan out your course of action: to stay ahead of the COVID-19 challenge and charter a new path to pandemic-proof your business. Create a business continuity plan that can smoothly transition from the workplace to work-from-home arrangement. Build your operations that will only be minimally disrupted by issues such as this global pandemic. 

You can make this possible by adapting a technology solution that will allow you to stay productive even when you’re in a crisis. We offer you a package of solutions that applies to your growing business. 

In this LIVE webinar, we will cover extremely practical topics that will benefit your business immediately:  

✓ The clock is ticking. Sustain vs Evolve. 
✓ Turning the "stay-at-home" situation into endless opportunities.
✓ Traditional prospecting & digital marketing is not working well, what's next?
✓ Automation strategies to secure unlimited virtual meetings with decision-makers.
✓ 6 baby steps to gear up for business acceleration even with COVID-19 impact.
✓ Important government grants to look out for.

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