Optimize Your Medicare Benefits:
​​​​​​​Understanding Options, Protecting your Health and Lowering Costs

About The Webinar

Join Bill Smith, MRFC, CEO, W.A. Smith Financial Group and guest speaker Todd Morrissey, President, Medicare Solutions to learn about efficiently navigating the Medicare maze. If you are currently on Medicare, turning 65 this year, or nearing retirement, this webinar is for you!

  • Being prepared is imperative.  See Medicare coverage options, who is eligible and how to apply.

  • Understanding healthcare costs is vital.  Hear about Medicare costs, including monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and prescription drug coverage. 

  • Avoid late enrollment penalties.   Important dates and questions you need to ask yourself to determine what plan options are best for you to have the most comprehensive coverage. 

  • Potentially lower your supplement insurance costs and save money!  Determine if you have the most cost-effective plan and shop from multiple supplement carriers in the state of Ohio. 

  • Bill Smith, MRFC

    CEO, W.A. Smith Financial Group

  • Todd Morrissey

    President, Medicare Solutions

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