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#ShiftThePower: what power and how far has it shifted?

About The Webinar

Large international and multinational aid agencies have not made the difference in developing countries their imposing size and budgets seemed once to promise. Instead, local communities have begun to turn to indigenous forms of support and small-scale, grassroots NGOs to provide the amenities and services they require.

​​​​​​​But it’s not just a matter of results. The means are important, too. The use of local assets means the development of local agency, self-confidence and capability, while the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) and other allies provide a means of linking, reinforcing and publicising the activities of funders supporting this activity under the #ShiftThePower banner. 

  • How much have these groups achieved and how much has the #ShiftThePower movement contributed to that achievement? 

  • To what extent has the concept been proved? 

  • What are the implications for bigger funders and what are the implications for the public authorities in places where local development has taken hold?

  • What will it take to really shift power over their destinies to the communities concerned? 

  • Andrew Milner

    Alliance magazine, moderator

  • Rasha Sansur

    GFCF, Palestine

  • Irũngũ Houghton

    Amnesty International, Kenya

  • Ese Emerhi

    GFCF, Nigeria

  • Graciela Hopstein

    Brazilian Philanthropy Network for Social Justice

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