NXP, Rapita Systems & Curtiss-Wright present:
Verifying Avionics Multicore Hardware & Software
​​​​​​​(CAST-32A & A(M)C 20-193)

Recording now available:

NXP, Curtiss-Wright and Rapita Systems are leading the industry approach to solving the verification and certification challenges multicore processors present. In this live webinar event, experts from the companies will describe where their solutions fit into the multicore avionics ecosystem and how they work together to enable the safe use of multicore processors in safety-critical systems (as per CAST-32A and A(M)C 20-193). 

The latest methods for selecting, verifying and certifying Multicore processor for Avionics

The presenters will also describe how you can participate in industry working groups like the Multi-Core For Avionics (MCFA) group, which grants industry stakeholders access to normally-restricted multicore hardware IP. This technical event will also feature a new, live demonstration of the latest hardware and software technologies designed to solve multicore challenges.  

  • Selecting multicore avionics hardware​​​​​​​

  • Mitigating the effects of interference

  • How to verify multicore partitioning is robust

  • How to access restricted multicore hardware IP​​​​​​​

  • Multicore Verification: a technical demo
    Demonstrating Rapita's CAST-32A Compliance​​​​​​​ solution running on the Curtiss-Wright V3-152 SBC (featuring an NXP T2080 multicore processor)

  • Steven VanderLeest


  • Altaf Hussain


  • Gregory Sikkens


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