Discover the Secrets of the Cosmic Chakra System!

The Ultimate Chakra Masterclass!

This transformative class will reveal the TRUTH about the 7 chakras and unravel the mysteries of the Cosmic Chakra System.  You'll discover how you can activate yours to raise your vibration, unlock higher levels of awareness and deepen your sense of peace, harmony and balance.

​​​​​​​We'll cover these main topics:

  • The Cosmic Chakra System
    Learn the current limitations of the chakra system and how you can expand your 7 chakra system into the whole and complete Cosmic Chakra System; the Rainbow Body.

  • Cosmic DNA
    Learn how the activation of your Cosmic DNA is the key to healing the root cause of all distortions.

  • Sound Frequency Attunement

    Receive a sound frequency attunement that has been specially created to harmonize your energy field and accelerate your path of awakening.

  • Ahtayaa Leigh

    Masterclass Presenter

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