A Webinar on an Aspect of Half Retire on June 18th at 10am cst

 To A Business Owner Delegation Is An Entrepreneurial Myth

About The Webinar

Every business owner understands the importance of delegation. Unfortunately, the same skills that make for a great entrepreneur (independence, determination, and drive) make for a poor delegator.
Interestingly, delegation is a skill that is useful throughout an entrepreneur’s career and crucial as the owner transitions to Half Retire and eventually the final exit.
You never stop delegating. When you first started your business  your delegation may be as simple as outsourcing typing or phone calls. By the end of your career, you will be delegating million-dollar decisions.
Many entrepreneurs are victims of “Delegation Frustration.” Delegation Frustration occurs over time. The entrepreneur repeatedly attempts to delegate work to trusted employees, only to be disappointed in the result. After many failed attempts at delegating, the entrepreneur gives up. Typically it becomes, “It’s just easier to do it myself.” In the short term, it may be easier to do it yourself. However, doing it yourself
will imprison you to your current work. This belief is simply wrong and is based on these ideas:

• They don’t do it as well as me.
• They don’t do it as fast as me
• They can’t finish it on my timetable
• It’s hard for them to understand what I want

Delegation is seen as a hassle rather than a valuable tool. After working with entrepreneurs for decades, I discovered a delegation secret. The best delegators have a trick: It's called 98/2 Delegation Fractualization.

I want to share my 25+ years of frontline experience with working with over 400 business owners and how they solved this perplexing problem.
What you probably consider to be delegation is a myth. By a myth, we mean impossible. Independent business owners are naturally lousy delegators. What makes you a great natural entrepreneur also makes you a lousy delegator. Because delegation is diffcult and not natural for most owners, many like to do “all or nothing” or “100% delegation.” This type of total delegation assigns all aspects of the project or task to the employee. It sounds something like: “All I know is that I am not
going to do this; you are.”

  • Join me for 45 minutes on June 18th at 10am cst as I discuss the greatest inhibitor to a business owner's personal freedom and work/Life balance and discover the ideal solution by adopting the steps of the 98/2 Fractionalization Delegation Methodology. Please Register below.

  • Tom Jordan MSFS, CEPA, CVBA

    Webinar Host and Founder and CEO of Exoduscomplink/ Half Retire and the creator of The Exit Readiness Trilogy. I am an Exit Readiness Integrator ✍️ I solve the #1 problem that business owners face: How to slow down, work less, continue to build transferable value and thoughtfully develop the ideal exit strategy in their timeframe and with full control.

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