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To transmute is to change something negative into a higher positive form.

Fear, pain, sadness, and anger. All of these are negatively oriented elements and energies that reside within your body. When allowed to remain present inside of you, they fester and actually begin to manifest as physical, spiritual, or mental illness and disease, dragging you down and limiting your own energy, love, and creativity. The activation TRANSMUTATION provides the energy healing necessary to infuse you with light and love while transforming your negative energy into positive energy, allowing you to heal and experience your life to the fullest on every level of self understanding.


  • Use a headphone

    For listening to sound in the activation it is best to use headphones. This way you hae the optimal listening experience and in meantime you cannot get distracted.

  • Use google chrome

    For the best browser experience, we recommend using Google Chrome. Take care that you close all your browsers that also take bandwith.

  • Drink plenty of water

    During the process it is important that you drink a lot of water. Emotions and memories that are in the cell memory and are soaked out will come through your natural drainage system. Drinking a lot after the activation ensures good flow.

  • Janosh Stoffers

    Webinar Host

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