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Connecting Electric Bikes
Miniaturization, Power & Design Flexibility

About The Webinar

Presenter: Phillip Hoang
​​​​​​​Webinar Will Cover:
• Miniaturization of internal connection required to reduce size of E-Bike
• Enhanced connector assembly required as demand for E-Bikes volume rises.
• Robust, locking connectors to withstand vibration during riding.
• Miniaturized designs to improve space saving as well as enhance 
​​​​​​​    interior cable management.
• Secure waterproof connectors in order to withstand environmental challenges
    while riding.

Components in E-Bike Include:
• Motor unit
• Battery
• Display
• Sensors
• Lights

Connector Types Discussed:
• Waterproof Circulars
• Wire-to-Boards
• Flex connectors

  • Joe Kawada

    Webinar Host

  • Phillip Hoang

    Webinar Host

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