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About The Webinar

This webinar is best suited to discerning investors who are seeking enhanced performance from their equity mutual fund investments. The Turtle is a unique rule based investing strategy that is a superior alternative to the default buy and hold approach, which is 100% lazy and inherently designed to deliver suboptimal returns. Sign up for a crisp 30 minute webinar that will help you evolve to the next level of investing sophistication. 

Discussion points

  • Your investment returns are lower than they should be!
  • Decoding the BUY & Hold style of investing
  • Risk management instead of emotional decision making
  • Introducing the Turtle - quant based dynamic asset allocation
  • Enhancing mutual fund performance
  • The case for moving to from active to passive funds
  • Special pricing for MC PRO subscribers
  • Getting started - with existing funds | fresh funds
  • Sumaira Abidi


  • Kushal Bhagi

    CEO, Tortuga Wealth Managers

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