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Cashflow: How to Budget - Tips for Teachers

About The Webinar

As teachers, you are focused on educating your pupils but sometimes your own needs are left behind.  Spend an hour learning a skill that is essential in the post-Pandemic world, where living expenses are increasing much more than our incomes:  We will show you how to work out a budget that fits YOUR life and goals, then design a cash flow system that directs any surplus towards these goals.

Those of you who are relief teachers without a steady income about to head into the school holiday break will especially benefit from a strong cash flow plan, while permanent teachers could focus on a cash flow plan that directs any surplus towards longer-term goals.

​​​​​​​We’ll start by talking through money values, which can shape our relationship with money and drive our decisions and spending.  Is your cash flow system ‘deliberate’ or just something that’s happened over the years?  If you need to do some work on creating a cash flow surplus, then we’ll discuss some practical money management tips.

  • Learn how to have a money mindset and how your values can shape your relationship with money.

  • Learn the importance of setting good goals when reviewing your cash flow

  • Learn how to budget and design a cash flow plan that works for you

  • Get practical money management tips from the experts

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  • Antoinette Mullins - Steps Financial

    Webinar Host

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