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Restorative Yoga for Fertility

About the Webinar

In this Free Yoga Session, Róisín will be guiding us through a gentle and relaxing restorative yoga for fertility practice.  

The worry and wonder of trying to conceive can often leave you tired and tense both emotionally and physically.

Restorative Yoga offers us the opportunity to melt into a deep relaxed state, where we can let go of any tension that has built up in our muscles and our busy minds.  Letting go of this tension in our minds and bodies means that we can reduce any stress and anxiety that we might be carrying and we can help to reduce our blood pressure and to feel more in control of ourselves.This will also aid in bringing about improved hormonal balance.  

This session is all about finding a little bit of you time, allowing yourself to slow down for 45 minutes and we guarantee that you will feel deliciously rested and relaxed after the session. 

The posses of this section are better performed if you have the following props:
2 pillows, 2 blankets, 1 large towel/blanket wrapped up, 1 yoga mat, comfy clothes, access to a closed door or a stretch of wall starting at ground level.


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  • Beatriz Trigo

    Head of Health Minds and Wellbeing

  • Róisín Coughlan

    Movement & Mindfulness Consultant

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