Traditional Governance Threatened by Government's Lack of Transparency

The Bapo Ba Mogale Case

About The Webinar

The North West Government has ignored all calls to release the findings of a commission of inquiry into traditional leadership claims, chaired by Joe Mafereka (Mafereka Commission). The Bapo Ba Mogale Traditional community is directly affected by this lack of transparency, which amounts to clear abuse of power by the North West Government.
The Bapo Community sits on valuable minerals, which are being mined by Sibanye-Stilwater and Anglo American amongst others. Disputes into traditional governance have led to the Bapo Ba Mogale community not being able to meaningfully engage with mining companies on development or benefits, such as community royalties. This has left this mine affected community under-developed and vulnerable to corruption.

This webinar will highlight the findings of the Mafereka Commission, discuss the remedies available under these circumstances and encourage a larger participation from various stakeholders to demand transparency and accountability on issues relating to mining royalties.

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