Five Keys to Unlock the Future of Work and Wealth

Learn five key strategies to help you prepare to get in  and win in the digital economy!

I will help make it make sense!

If you’ve spent any time trying to figure out the new digital economy, you’ve probably become quickly overwhelmed with the sensational headlines, the volatility,  youtube videos, social media timelines, fast-talking crypto hype men that give you all of the reasons you should invest without an unbiased analysis of the pitfalls and best practices.

​​​​​​​And they definitely don’t prepare you for the legal consequences of missteps and misinformation. But you've come to the right place.

In this 60-minute webinar, I will share with you how to:

  • vet wallets and exchanges for securities issues

    Learn to select the right wallets, store your private keys to keep your crypto safe and accessible, and how to move your crypto between wallets and exchanges.

  • compare the legal implications of various assets

    Not all crypto assets function the same way or serve the same purpose. Learn how to distinguish currencies from stores of value, social tokens, NFTs and more.

  • track assets and prepare your taxes

    Cryptocurrencies are taxed as capital assets so learn best practices for tracking gains and losses throughout the year.

  • safely pass your assets onto the next generation

    Creating generational wealth requires a sound estate plan that may include special planning for digital assets. 

  • navigate legal issues in the NFT art space
    Whether creating, buying or trading on the secondary market, learn to identify and address potential legal issues like contract, copyright, trademark, fair use and secondary market revenue.

  • Prof. Tonya M. Evans, Host

    Tenured professor at Penn State Dickinson Law with expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency, data, technology, entertainment law and social justice. Professor Evans founded of Advantage Evans™ Academy, the virtual home of the From Cash to Crypto and NFT Law Guide online courses. She also hosts the Tech Intersect Podcast, a weekly podcast that highlights new and notable experts at the intersections of law, business and technology.

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