About Wavin: Solution to All Your Plumbing and Drainage Problems​​​​​​​

At Wavin, we believe that current water infrastructure can be fixed without extensive city interruptions and that we need to enable better solutions for rainwater reuse to not exhaust our freshwater resources. Solutions lie in digitalisation and flexible, secure piping with ultimate durability delivering what it’s supposed to – safe, clean water to communities worldwide.
Join us to find out how Wavin’s above ground and below ground solutions can solve all your plumbing and draingage problems to build a better healthy and sustainable environments.

  • Frederick Chia, Regional Sales Manager, Wavin SEA

    Webinar Presenter

  • Angela Wu, Marketing Manager, Wavin APAC

    Webinar Host

  • Above-ground solutions

    - Drinking water solutions (Hot & Cold)
    - Soil & waste solutions
    - Rainwater & Stormwater solutions

  • Below-ground solutions

    - Sewer solutions
    - Stormwater solutions
    - Water and Gas solutions

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