Optimized Connector Solutions For CE Hardware Designs

​​​​​​​About The Webinar

Webinar Will Cover:
Latest in advanced micro connector solutions for CE
and related consumer/professional product designs.

​​​​​​​Design Examples Include:
A breadth of CE hardware products, including:
handsets, smart speaker, router/access points,
wearables, consumer/professional medical devices,
WiFi and cell based hardware, and many more.

​​​​​​​Connector Types Discussed:
• Micro board to FPC, FFC, Zero Insertion Force
• High current, hybrid digital + PWR
• RF, hybrid RF + digital + PWR
• Micro-coax, 5G support
• Micro-board mount switches
• Shielded connectors and more
Who Should Attend:
• Product designers,
• PCB, component, module design engineers,
• Sub-system designers
• Component engineers
• Procurement, supply managers
• Anyone interested in a quick overview of state of the art CE and
related product connector solutions

  • Mark Waring

    Webinar Host

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