​​​​​​​Objectively Assessing The Skill and Fit of Your Sales and Marketing Teams for the Seats They’re In

  • Winning sales and marketing team structures and the importance of alignment of these teams

  • What to outsource and what to keep in-house and why

  • Assessing who you need in each seat and the traits of your existing team

  • Once you have the right team, how to measure performance

  • Jee Vahn Knight | Director of Growth, RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy

    As Director of Growth, Jee’s ensures the highest quality of touchpoints with RedRover’s clients from the first pitch to delivery. She also leads an amazing team of account managers and growth strategists who spend their days discovering and driving opportunity for clients and prospects. An agent of change, Jee has never been satisfied with “the old way is the best way,” she continually motivates herself and her team to discover new ways to engage.

  • Mark Bowlin | Executive Advisor, Culture Index

    Mark is an executive advisor and consultant who has worked with hundreds of companies who are outperforming their competition. A serial entrepreneur himself, he’s a pragmatic strategist who focuses on application rather than just theory.

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