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Tax efficient property investment in Portugal

Many of our clients are interested in buying property in Portugal, either as their main residence, a holiday home or an investment. 

Many times, taxation can make the difference between purchasing a fantastic investment and a great asset or creating a liability. 

This webinar is a collaboration between FRESH's tax and property departments. We will examine the typical taxation on property investments as well as various strategies to mitigate and reduce tax. 

We will specifically cover: 

1. Taxation on long term rental property.
2. Taxation on AL (Alojamento local - Airbnb).
3. Buying inside a company vs buying as individuals.
4. Tax benefits of holiday home ownership. 
5. Benefits of buying within a group and within special vehicles for property purchase. 
6. Tax obligations for property owners.

These and many other questions will be covered in this discussion which will bring together some of our best experts. 

March 21st, 2024

Webinar Presenters

  • Zeev Fisher

    Host + Tax Lawyer (UK, international)

  • Henrique Faria

    Tax Lawyer (Portugal)

  • Daniel Russo

    Property & Corporate Lawyer (Portugal)

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