Improving collaboration in civil construction

About The Webinar

Contractors collaborate with subcontractors, head contractors and with clients all the time. Collaboration is what enables everyone to meet their objectives.

When projects and maintenance efforts are set up to work collaboratively, the rewards are clear. But it’s not always easy to set up a project that meets everyone’s needs and meets everyone’s objectives, from subcontractor and head contractor to client.

Frameworks exist for collaboration, that have been proven to work from small projects to maintenance and project alliances.

Civil Contractors New Zealand is hosting a webinar from the Institute for Collaborative Working (NZ and UK) that explores:

  • Frameworks for working together

  • The need for good leadership

  • Practical examples of collaboration between client, head contractor and subcontractor in civil construction

  • Fundamental principles of collaboration

  • Civil Contractors New Zealand

    Webinar Host

  • David Hawkins

    Chief Operating Officer, Institute for Collaborative Working (UK)

  • Chris Olsen

    Director, Institute for Collaborative Working New Zealand (ICWNZ)

  • Chris Edsall

    General Manager - Central, Downer

  • Brent Holmes

    Senior Roading Engineer - Whanganui District Council

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