How To Get Your Retirement Funding Back On Track

About The Webinar

While you may have recovered from the hit the market took in April, you don’t want to worry if the pandemic downturn resurfaces!

In this informative and entertaining 35 minute webinar, Pinnacle Advisory Group’s Senior Investment Analyst, Carl Noble, shares his secrets for investing to both protect your assets and get you back on track with your retirement.

This is a virtual seminar, specially designed for home viewing. The presentation has been pre-recorded, and the comment box includes comments from previously viewed events along with those by current viewers.

You'll discover...

  • Why this is a bad time for a big portfolio move... If you've ever been tempted to "go to cash," you need to see this.

  • The safer alternative to individual stocks... No, not mutual funds. 

  • How liquidating assets in the wrong order could be disasterous.

  • Plus two free gifts, just for watching. (Hint: One is an ebook you will definitely want!)

  • David Poulos

    Webinar Host

  • Carl Noble, CFA®


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