45 million households in America share $23.2 TRILLION in personal debt - but the problem isn't YOUR debt...

Debt in our country is a real epidemic!  One that is causing anxiety, stress, depression, resentment, regret, denial, frustration and embarassment. The goal of the DEBT FREE 4 LIFE™ program is to show you, realistically, how you can reduce, and in some cases, completely eliminate your debt. 

Investment Advisory Services offered through Elevated Capital Advisors, LLC. An SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

​​​​​​​What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • How a 4% fixed rate, 30-year mortgage, can cost you 42% interest.

  • How your bills may be costing you over 30% interest cost on next month's payments.

  • How a 'snowball' approach to eliminating debts, done in a unique way, can help you become DEBT FREE 4 LIFE™

Webinar Host

  • Sean P. Lee, MSFS

    Managing Partner and Investment Advisor Representative with Elevated Retirement Group

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