The Art of Self-coaching, Instant Transformation

  • The essence of Self-coaching

    how coached myself out of adversities, chains of Destiny going from a 2 bedroom house with 9 siblings in Togo-West Africa to travelling and speaking world-wide,

  • The significance of Transformation​​​​​​​

    The correlation between our impulse triggers, our aspirations, the decisions we make and the action we take or not.

  • Significance of Encoded assumptions

    What are encoded assumptions and how do they affect our lives and prevent us from living life truly on our terms.

  • How to live a life Free of Fear, Self-doubt and Low Self-esteem.

    Become what people call "Super Human Being" and go after your dreams with a relentless desire to being them to Life.

  • Steven Dossou

    Webinar Host

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