NWU GIFT Webinar:  Micro and Macro Dimensions of Talent Management

About The Webinar

​​​​In this webinar, Prof. Vaiman will present the results of several years of his conceptual and empirical work dedicated to developing the concept of talent management and evolving it into a separate and very exciting interdisciplinary field. He will be joined thereafter by Prof. Pelser for a discussion on the theme and to engage with webinar participants regarding questions and further contextualization.

Panel Members:

  • Professor Vlad Vaiman, Associate Dean, School of Management, California Lutheran University  

      • Extraordinary Professor, GIFT, NWU

      • Vlad Vaiman is Professor and the Associate Dean at the School of Management of California Lutheran University (USA) and a visiting professor at several premier universities around the globe.  He has published five books on managing talent in organizations and at a country level, as well as a number of academic and practitioner-oriented articles and book chapters on talent management and International HRM.  His work appeared in Academy of Management Learning and Education, Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, and many others.  He is also a founding editor and the Chief Editorial Consultant of the European Journal of International Management, and an editorial board member of several prestigious academic journals, such as European Management Review, Human Resource Management Review, and Journal of Global Mobility, among others.  He is a founder, co-organizer, and a leading chair of the EIASM Workshop on Talent Management. 

  • Professor Anna-Marie Pelser, Director, GIFT, NWU

      • Anna-Marie Pelser is a Research Professor in GIFT. She published several articles in different accredited journals and also submitted book chapters in several accredited journals. Calls were sent out for contributions to a research book with chapters dealing with talent management in the 20thcentury, of which she is the author. This is the first in a series of international books. She is organising a virtual conference with the theme: “Talent Management in the 4thIR” which will be held on 9th– 11thNovember 2021. She published a book on Plagiarism and will be completing two more books on Falsification and Fabrication. She is the assistant-editor of “The International Journal of Organizational Innovation” (IJOI) and also a member of the editorial board of the journal, “Theory Methodology Practice” (TMP).

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