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Remembering Aretha: The Last Chapter

🎶 “Respect” the Legacy - Join the Unforgettable Journey! 🎤​​​​​​​

Aretha Franklin – the Queen of Soul, whose voice echoed "Chain of Fools" and taught us “Respect,” left a legacy that continues to inspire and move us. Now, for the first time ever, we invite you to "Walk in the Light" of her life's final chapter.🌟 A "Natural Woman" Experience – Unseen Photos, Untold Stories 🌟

🎵 Why This Webinar is a "Think" Opportunity You Can't Miss:

  • Exclusive Access: Just as Aretha declared “Ain’t No Way,” we ensure there’s no way you will find these stories, told this way, elsewhere.

  • Fan Connection: Join a community of fans who understand why “I Say a Little Prayer” resonates so deeply in all of us.
  • Engage Live: Engage in a “Call Me” session with Matthew Jordan Smith, sharing insights that will make you feel like you're “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” with Aretha herself.
  • Unseen Memories: Like uncovering a precious “Day Dreaming” collection, witness photographs that capture the soulful essence of Aretha in her last days.


    💖 What’s in Store:

    • An Emotional Ride: From the joy of “Freeway of Love” to the reflective depths of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” experience the emotional spectrum of Aretha’s final years.
    • Interactive Q&A: Have a question about the “Rock Steady” superstar? This is your chance to ask!
    • Special Features: Stay tuned for surprises that will make you feel like you've found a rare “Precious Lord” record.

    🌠 Don't Miss Out!

    "If You Don't Think” attending live is essential, think again! This is not just a webinar; it’s a gathering of souls tuned to the heartbeats of Aretha’s music.

    “Until You Come Back to Me” - Your Opportunity to Connect

    Feel the “Spirit in the Dark” – the joy, the pain, and the unyielding strength of Aretha Franklin. Register now and be a part of this soulful tribute to a timeless legend.


  • Matthew Jordan Smith

    Webinar Host

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