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Restoring Sight : Social and Economic Impacts  

The Impact of restoring somesones sight is enormous 

The impact of restoring someone’s sight is enormous. It changes lives. It creates opportunities. Children can experience childhood, and go to school, and mothers and fathers can provide for their families. Elderly people can pass on their wisdom and experience and regain their independence.
The social and economic benefits of eliminating blindness are now known. For every $1 invested in preventing someone from going blind, at least four times the financial benefit goes to the economy. Adults can return to work and children can get an education and fulfil their potential. It boosts woman’s economic security and financial independence. The broad economic value is enormous - in the league of primary education and major community infrastructure projects. It can help to break the cycle of poverty.
In this webinar The Fred Hollows Foundation will share insights on vision loss, cost and benefits of investing in vision, and gender inequity.

Alison Hill, The Fred Hollows Foundation
Sally Mousa

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