Thinking in Silver

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A Fresh Look at Silver for Today's Formulations

Silver has been widely used for centuries for its outstanding antiseptic and  anti-inflammatory properties. As a broad spectrum naturally occurring element with a high antimicrobial efficacy and proven activity on many microorganisms, it has become an increasingly popular ingredient in personal care and cosmetic applications.  Learn more about the multitude of uses for silver in cosmetics and personal care products from industry expert Paco Roda of Laboratorios Argenol, specialists in silver-based ingredients since 1939.


  • Candice Andersen

    Paradigm Science - Regional Sales Manager, Webinar Host

  • Alexa Aquitato

    Paradigm Science Inc - Northeast Sales Account Manager, Webinar Host

  • Paco Roda

    Paco Roda is the Business Development Manager of Laboratorios Argenol, S.L., for Europe and America. He has a degree in Chemistry, specializing in Technical Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences from the University of Zaragoza, Spain. He is a postgraduate in Environmental Engineering, Advanced Polytechnic Centre, University of Zaragoza. Mr. Roda has over 10 years of experience in the international promotion and technical-commercial sale of pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients, and industrial additives.

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