Navigation and Wayfinding for the Visually Impaired: Challenges and Potential Solutions

Navigation technologies have seen rapid development in recent times for a wide variety of applications. However, despite many attempts, the realisation of systems capable of guiding visually impaired persons in all environments (indoors and outdoors) remains a challenge. This is mainly because of a lack of understanding of their unique applications and requirements, and how the requirements are used in designing, developing and testing a fully functional navigation aid. For example, compared to a normally sighted person who can quickly orientate through visual memory with the aid of a mapping device, a visually impaired person has fewer orientation mechanisms at their disposal, thus increasing the safety-criticality (or level of integrity) of any navigation device.
This Webinar will explore the challenges and propose solutions to navigating the visually impaired in all environments with the required level of integrity. It will explore:
i) how the visually impaired spatially orientate and wayfind
ii) the process required to gain a full understanding of their requirements
iii) how the user requirements can be translated into the system/engineering requirements for the design of a functional seamless navigation aid 
iv) the challenges in developing and testing a high integrity multi-sensor/system/spatial data and usable navigation aid able to operate in indoor and outdoor environments
​​​​​​​v) potential solutions

About the speakers:

Dr Mireille Elhajj AFRIN is the founder of Astra-Terra Ltd., a consultancy based in London specialising in smart cities and mobility solutions; and positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) systems design and applications. Dr Elhajj is also a Honorary Lecturer at Imperial College London and a Technical Consultant with Imperial Consultants Ltd.

Jean Marc Feghali MEng ACGI is a PhD candidate at Imperial College London and the R&D lead for WeWALK, a company based in London specialising in solutions that enhance the mobility of the visually impaired. Mr Feghali is also an Advisor on transport accessibility.

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