How to Make YOUR Profitable Online Business!
Monetize your social media following & make $10k a month with an online course. 

About The Masterclass


You can make $10,000 a month pretty quickly. 

Make an online course based on the skillsets & knowledge you already have and sell it as a service or coaching program. 

Let's do some math: 

$500 eCourse x 20 sales = $10k

$1000 eCourse x 10 sales = $10k

$2000 eCourse x 5 Sales = $10k

You know 20 people 😁

Imagine the freedom of pursuing your passions 🙌🏽, having more time for yourself ⏰ and being able to work remotely from anywhere. It’s not a dream, it’s a very attainable reality.

All you need is a laptop 💻  and Wifi. 

Book that trip to the Island ✈️🏝, sipping on a margarita 🍹 on a Tuesday at 12pm and have your Business PAY FOR IT!

Work from where you travel and the costs are all covered. HELLO SOMEBODY!! 🥳

25,000+ students are enrolled into a course I have produced and my clients are seeing REAL RESULTS. 

I made my clients 6 figures in just WEEKS, multiple times! 

I am going to teach YOU how to do it too 🤗🎉.

  • CHOOSE your profitable course topic.
    Leverage the knowledge and skills you already have to create wealth!

  • GROW your target audience to maximize sales.
    Get specific on who your course is for & make them find you. 

  • LAUNCH your course. 
    Bring in sales by using my exclusive launching method.

  • Ruzanna Tovmasyan

    Over $1M in total course sales and 25,000 students enrolled into a course Ruzanna has made, she is going to teach YOU how to do it too!

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