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Why 'Estimated Coverage Views' is the PR metric you need ​​​for 2022 KPIs
Thursday 13th January 2022 4.30pm, London Time

About The Webinar

​​​​​​​As digital marketing and PR lines continue to blur, budget becomes more competitive.

In most organisations, budget allocation is led by Marketing chiefs that review and compare marketing activity (paid, owned and earned) and costs from the previous year. Stand-out outcomes are key but overall they look for consistent and comparable metrics to evaluate awareness, engagement and cost.

Historically earned marketing or Public Relations is left out of this exercise because traditional reach metrics in so many PR reports are incomparable to metrics used by advertising or digital teams.

If you are confident in your coverage but less so in metrics or have concerns in retaining or growing your PR budget in 2022, join this webinar. It will level-up your PR measurement game and give you a competitive edge in earned value.

Host Stella Bayles, CoverageBook director, AMEC member & comms measurement enthusiast will be joined by Gini Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks and originator of the PESO (paid, earned, shared and owned) model.

Gini will share her knowledge and insight of how PESO is used in marketing in 2022. This will include common reporting in each area, PR’s role and ownership and opportunities for growth.

CoverageBook director, Stella Bayles will dive into the metrics in PR reports that are putting PR budgets at risk. Stella will also explain how to adjust metrics and calculations so your PR report give you the confidence you need for 2022 budget conversations. 

You’ll learn:

Why relying on reach and AVE figures can lead to missing out on PR budget

The common digital marketing metrics PR compete with 

Why Estimated Coverage Views is crucial in PR reporting 
How to incorporate Estimated Views into your PR reports using CoverageBook

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