Science of Self Mastery for Optimal Health - Part 1

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Science of Self Mastery for Optimal Health:
Part 1
May 31, 2023
7-8 EST, 6- 7 PM CST, 4-5 PM PST

About the Webinar

Do you have a hard time resisting sugar and other choices that you find hard to stop? Are you finding that your health is being affected by your food choices and the way you live? How would you like to learn skills and tools to take charge of your health and life once and for all?

Discover the latest scientific evidence on how you can master yourself to create optimal health and wellness from Dr. Jennie Hsu, a lifestyle medicine physician and transformational health and wellness coach who can help you overcome your health challenges in a healthy sustainable way.

Register and share the link with your family and friends so that everyone can learn & take charge of their health. Attend live or register for a replay to watch later. 

  • Understand the science behind habit and addiction formation

    Learn how habits are formed and can be a challenge to change

  • Learn advanced approaches  to reset and rewire brain and change your habits for optimal health, energy and wellness

    Utilize current information and technology for maximal results

  • Dr. Jennie Hsu

    Lifestyle, Internal and Obesity Medicine Physician with 22 years of clinical experience, Health, Fitness and Wellness Transformational Coach, Educator, Scientist and Energy Healer

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