Firehose Fridays with Tammy Kabell

  • This week, we're focusing on LINKEDIN

    LinkedIn has become a powerhouse for executive searching. Learn how to create and use your profile.

  • Do you have the best LinkedIn profile possible?

    I'll cover the latest features on the platform that can be used to your advantage in your passive or active search.

  • Learn how to reach out to the right people.

    Searching for a job using LinkedIn is not as easy as randomly connecting with people. Let's not waste time.

  • You can even get a job created for you.

    Eight out of 10 of our clients get jobs created for them... seriously!  Join our YouTube Livestream with hype, no selling - all pure content!

  • Tammy Kabell

    Webinar Host

  • Brian Kabell

    Moderator and Chief Client Officer

  • Lacey Schichi

    Moderator, Director of Administration

  • Philip Browne

    Moderator and Chief Branding Coach

  • Clay Schnittker

    Moderator, COO, Chief Interview Coach

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