Avasam Supplier Partner - SaleYee
 Showcase Webinar

We’ll explore top trending products from newly onboarded Avasam strategic supplier SaleYee and how to sell them to help you get ready for peak.

About The Webinar

Our strategic partnership with SaleYee enables sellers to source from their extensive product range with the automation, support and functionality of Avasam. Operating out of 16 UK distribution centres, SaleYee (GB010107) is a leading DropShipping platform facilitating access to the Chinese wholesale market with fast and free delivery from 16 UK distribution centres. 

  • Gain insight into ecommerce product trends and the best selling products from Avasam Supplier SaleYee to help you get ready for peak

  • Learn what makes SaleYee products special and how you can market them to your customers

  • Identify hero products that will be well stocked and have the potential to help you access new customer segments and improve your profit margin

  • Mustafa Khanbhai

    Avasam, Leading marketplace growth

  • Zoe Zhang

    SaleYee, Business Development Manager

  • Matthew Franklin

    Avasam, Head of Trading and Supplier Partnerships

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