The World Tour Webinar

Webinar 1: A Voyage to Galapagos - The Enchanted Isles

  • You may be incarcerated at home, but that doesn’t have to stop you experiencing some of the most wonderful, beautiful, unique places on the planet in the company of an expert guide.

    Join broadcaster, travel writer and biologist Monty Halls as he takes you to the Galapagos, to Australia, to the Caribbean, to the Pacific, to great mountain ranges, and to exquisite wild places. 

    This fully interactive webinar series includes video, stunning images, and Monty’s personal knowledge and experiences at each destination. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and post comments throughout.

    Use the present to plan the future. The world is waiting for you.

  • Supporting Conservation Groups

    The first webinar in the series is free;
    "A Voyage to Galapagos - The Enchanted Isles”.

    ​​​​​​​The rest in the series can be signed for individually, with a portion of the fee going to local conservation groups. The registration fee is £2 per tour.
    NHS staff can register for free - please contact us at [email protected] from your NHS email account, to obtain your link.

  • “A brilliant presenter who celebrates the importance of travel and adventure in the modern world.”​​​​​​​

    Sir Ranulph Fiennes

  • Monty Halls

    Webinar Host

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